"North Collective Shop represents a new movement in Scandinavian Fashion"

Through careful and devoted curation, North Collective Shop promotes exclusive, high-end Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle labels.

This one-stop shopping destination showcases Nordic Fashion to be much more than the Black, White and Grey minimalism that is typically synonymous with the region. Instead, North Collective Shop demonstrates that Scandinavian design can be intricate, colourful and confident, whilst maintaining and understated, effortless dignity.

It is the cool, calm collected introvert of the fashion world, unconfined by rules. Here, you can find the ​'je ne sais quoi' ​that has been missing from your wardrobe.

In a world that is overpopulated by fast fashion and changing trends, find solace here amongst premium quality fabrics, sustainable production and one-off pieces that will change your view of online shopping forever.​